Sunday, November 16, 2008

My First Blog

What´s op everybody.

About one Week ago i decided 2 start my own Blog.

This is especially for all those who know me and lost contact or just have no time to call ; ).

But also for people who like my music and want to know more about what is going on with the new Nene & Toon album and wanna get more "behind the scenes" information.

The fact that i´m writing in english is, that i also have friends in Spain and the States and they should understand it to.

Here some pix for those who dont know me so far...

Thats me doing what i love 2 do

Here is my car hehehe

My dog Winky

My Tv ...oh yeah i love my tv

my Studio (i know, next time i make a better picture)

and here some of my friends who i consider as family


Martin and Umut (they gonna kill me when they see i put this pic online hehehe)


Dani and Mihi


My Spanish Connection Eri and Carlos...abrazos a Andalucia

and my man Ambrish...shoutout 2 Cologne

So now you had some kind of a short infos about my person and my environment.
If you wanna know more about my music, just visit

So that´s about it for today. Now i´m gonna make me something 2 eat and get my siesta : )

So long fellaz


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