Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Almuñecar - The second

Whats op people, today i´m gonna show you the rest of the pictures of my spain holiday.

I was at my grandparents house eating good.



Thats the view from their balcony
Next day i met Eri in Granada.

Drinking beer, talking and a little gaming...stuff we usually do when we see eachother.

I won playing airhockey, but as you can see it was a tough game.
Sweating all over hehehe

So that was it for today.
Wish y´all a Merry Christmas. Have some nice days with your Familiy and Friends.

So long fellaz


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We back in the studio!

What´s op everybody!

Beeing back this sunday in the studio, was great. I found my mojo : )

I never been this long without making music, felt a lil´ strange and emtpy.

Well, here is a short video from our sunday studiosession recording the new song for our album.

Our Cd will come out next year. It´s called Past 2 Future and will be a kind of mixture of oldschool, present and electric sounds.

I´ll keep you guys updated on this.

So here is the video. If you ask yourself why this guy is wearing this thick jacket?! it´s not for beeing cool..... our heater is broke and it´s just damn cold in there...we still keepin´ it lowcash ; )

so long fellaz


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Almuñecar - The first

What´s op everybody,
so here i am, back from my holidays in spain visiting my parents.
I promised some pictures in the last blog, so here they are.

The city

if you enlarge the image below, you can see the snow on the mountains in the back...beautiful

This is my parents´garden

the beach

and the gorgious green mountains

Next week i´m gonna show you guys the rest of the pictures.
I just came back from our weekly game, we lost again, but it was a close game this time : )
Now i´m gonna eat something, ready to go to the studio. Last time i was there was in october!!!
So let´s see if i have something new to show you guys next week.
Nothing more to say for today
Wish y´all a nice rest of the week.
So long fellaz
Ah i almost forgot to mention....this is what i´m seeing now when i´m looking out of the window in the office..... cold germany

Thursday, December 4, 2008


What's up people,
i am right now in spain visiting my parents. So i made a lot of pictures to show you guys where i'm spending my short vacations.
I'm right now in a kiosk with 2 computers and the fu**** computer is not recognizing my celly.
I brought the cable and everything, but it doesnt work.
I'll be back on sunday, than i am gonna show you guys all the pics.
Short infos about the weather, 17 degrees not as much as i thought it would be, but it's better than the 4 degrees in germany ; )
The most of the day i am talking with my parents (1,5 years past since i saw 'em the last time), laying in the sun, watching lost the third season and playing some ps3.
yes i brought my ps3 because i usually dont have the time to play in germany : )
Now i'am going to my grandparents place to eat spanish food and tomorrow one of my best friends is coming to visit me...past some time since the last time i saw him, its eri you can find his pic in my first blog...he's a doctor now uuuuh v.i.p : )
Well i guess that's enough talk for today, read ya guys when i'm back in germany.
Here one pic from Almuñecar i found on the internet, just to give you a little i mpression where i am right now.

One more thing.... if you want leave a comment, just to let me know that somebody is reading this ; )
So long fellaz