Sunday, December 14, 2008

Almuñecar - The first

What´s op everybody,
so here i am, back from my holidays in spain visiting my parents.
I promised some pictures in the last blog, so here they are.

The city

if you enlarge the image below, you can see the snow on the mountains in the back...beautiful

This is my parents´garden

the beach

and the gorgious green mountains

Next week i´m gonna show you guys the rest of the pictures.
I just came back from our weekly game, we lost again, but it was a close game this time : )
Now i´m gonna eat something, ready to go to the studio. Last time i was there was in october!!!
So let´s see if i have something new to show you guys next week.
Nothing more to say for today
Wish y´all a nice rest of the week.
So long fellaz
Ah i almost forgot to mention....this is what i´m seeing now when i´m looking out of the window in the office..... cold germany

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