Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We back in the studio!

What´s op everybody!

Beeing back this sunday in the studio, was great. I found my mojo : )

I never been this long without making music, felt a lil´ strange and emtpy.

Well, here is a short video from our sunday studiosession recording the new song for our album.

Our Cd will come out next year. It´s called Past 2 Future and will be a kind of mixture of oldschool, present and electric sounds.

I´ll keep you guys updated on this.

So here is the video. If you ask yourself why this guy is wearing this thick jacket?! it´s not for beeing cool..... our heater is broke and it´s just damn cold in there...we still keepin´ it lowcash ; )

so long fellaz


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