Monday, March 30, 2009

Amazing, fake or true?

Whats op people,

i know it´s been a while since the last time i wrote, but i am right now so busy that in the last 2 weeks, i didnt had the time to play badminton : ).
Soon i´ll be back on my old form.

Here is something i found on the net. Tell me, fake or true....

So long fellaz


Friday, March 13, 2009


What´s op people,

while i´m surfing the net i found something really really....i dont know how to explain it.
Let´s say it this of the best singers i´ve ever heard, so much heart.

Watch this:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

dont wear new white sneakers at a camel farm

Whats op people,

yesterday was my nieces birthday and my sister decided to take the kids and her friends to a camle farm. I though it would be something indoor, like a horsehall, where the adults can sit while the kids play. But no, we have been all the way through the mud and i had my new Rbk sneakers on which i bought yesterday....Terrific!!!

Here some pics

thats my niece Lea and it was her birthday party. She is 9.

the caravan

The proud beduine with his new buddie. We talked a lot about his struggle and the weather in germany. By the way he hates snow as much as i do : )

almost the same arrogant look

yeah and that was f*** up. I know, you will say "thats not a lot of dirt!!". man, when you love sneakers as much as i do.... that hurts!

So this was it for today. Have a chilly and sunny week whereever you are.

So long fellaz


Sunday, March 1, 2009

First impression

Whats op again,

i wanna show you a screenshot taken from our next video.
Toon is right now doing the cutting and it will be done in the next 3 weeks.
Here you go...

pretty cool eeeh : )
This was shot at the Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

So this is it for today, read ya in the next days.

So long


By the way we kicked as today ; )

Laugh of the day

Whats op people,

its almost 9am, i had my cappuccino and i am ready to kick some ass. We got to win our badminton match today, because last week they kicked our ass : )

Anyway, here something i found on the net, as you can see, this guy started the crisis...hilarious.

Have a nice rest of your weekend