Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Second Trailer is done

What op fellaz,

i´m ok again, damn flu.
This week i started finishing my part of the work on our new video.
After finishing the capturing,editing etc. i´m giving it to Toon who will do the cutting.
Shout out to Toon, he is right now on a holiday trip through Portugal.
So here is the second teaser.

So long

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Desierto de Tabernas II

What op people,

here are some more pictures i´d like to share with you.

So long

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Videos

What op people,

im at home sick and laying in the bed, i´m so bored that i thought i could do something productive. So i uploaded some videos.
One is my musicvideo from 2004 "Latinos Worldwide" and the other an actual behind the scenes of our new musicvideo "Freedom".

Latinos Worldwide feat. Ciaan was a song of my Album "Soulmusic" from 2005 which never came out. I´m checking to give it to y´all as a free download on As i was not the only producer/writer on the album i need to have the permission of all the people involved. I think it´s just too bad that nobody is able to listen to some old tracks of mine. I´ll let you know once i have the permission.

Second video is a "behind the scenes" from our trip to France and Switzerland we did last year in October shooting our video "Freedom". Here you can see where we´ve been and what we were actually listing to in the car on this short trip. I think some people will be suprised.
We did about 3000 km in 3 days! It was hard you can´t imagine, but also a lot of fun and a ton of impressions in just this short time.

Have fun...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Coming soon...

Fu**** pigeons

Summer 2009 in Germany sucks. Bad and unsettled weather.
Last week we had luck, the sun was shining and we had about 30 degrees. It was time to open the roof of my car and take a sunny ride trough the city. As i stopped at the traffic light i felt something warm and wet on my belly. Looking up i saw a pigeon sitting on the roof of a house.
It took a ish, the ish felt down about 10 meters directly on me. I got nervous because the second pigeon was ready to "go" and the traffic light was still on stop. Lucky me i just got ished just once. Guess this should bring me some luck in the next 7 years, always thinking positiv hugh : )

So long


Desierto de Tabernas

What op people,

here are some impressions of my last spain holiday, three weeks ago.
I started my new hobby...Photography. But i´m still a rookie.

All pictures were taken near the city Almería, It´s a National Park (Desert of Tabernas) and several big movies were shot here. By the way it´s the only official desert in Europe. So if you in south Spain go there and you will feel like taken back to the old cowboy times.
There where two Adventure Parks, i recommend do not go there...too expensive, too crowded, not worth the time. We decided to explore the area by ourselves and to save the money Lowcash-Style ; )

Short Info about Nene & Toon: This week we stopped recording. We wrote a storyboard for a short movie we will shoot this weekend. It´s called "Schatten" (Shadows)! Scary uuuuuh.
Another hobby of mine....

So long