Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Videos

What op people,

im at home sick and laying in the bed, i´m so bored that i thought i could do something productive. So i uploaded some videos.
One is my musicvideo from 2004 "Latinos Worldwide" and the other an actual behind the scenes of our new musicvideo "Freedom".

Latinos Worldwide feat. Ciaan was a song of my Album "Soulmusic" from 2005 which never came out. I´m checking to give it to y´all as a free download on As i was not the only producer/writer on the album i need to have the permission of all the people involved. I think it´s just too bad that nobody is able to listen to some old tracks of mine. I´ll let you know once i have the permission.

Second video is a "behind the scenes" from our trip to France and Switzerland we did last year in October shooting our video "Freedom". Here you can see where we´ve been and what we were actually listing to in the car on this short trip. I think some people will be suprised.
We did about 3000 km in 3 days! It was hard you can´t imagine, but also a lot of fun and a ton of impressions in just this short time.

Have fun...

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