Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Desierto de Tabernas

What op people,

here are some impressions of my last spain holiday, three weeks ago.
I started my new hobby...Photography. But i´m still a rookie.

All pictures were taken near the city Almería, It´s a National Park (Desert of Tabernas) and several big movies were shot here. By the way it´s the only official desert in Europe. So if you in south Spain go there and you will feel like taken back to the old cowboy times.
There where two Adventure Parks, i recommend do not go there...too expensive, too crowded, not worth the time. We decided to explore the area by ourselves and to save the money Lowcash-Style ; )

Short Info about Nene & Toon: This week we stopped recording. We wrote a storyboard for a short movie we will shoot this weekend. It´s called "Schatten" (Shadows)! Scary uuuuuh.
Another hobby of mine....

So long


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