Thursday, October 15, 2009

If you want to support, do so!

What´s op peoples,

i forgot to mention.
I upgraded my blog with some links to our music. Down on the right site you can find the countdown for the next Nene & Toon Album release. A lot of people asked me, when we will be finally done? you know : )
Also you can find a direct link to our last Album "Perfect Day". So if you think you must support some broke musicians, just for the fact the album is so!
I think a lot of people in these days do not understand what it means to release an album all done by ourselves. This is really hard work and it costs a lot of time and money! I heard from friends that some people like our music, but they want to copy it, not thinking that you guys kill good music.
I must confess i was a little upset when i heard this. Ok to make it clear... we are not doing it for the fame or the money, but when i have to get a loan just to pay the bill for the cd-release, man that sucks!
Everytime when you are watching MTV and you thinking "wheres the music??", now you know....

So long Nene

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