Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What can happen, when it snows

What op peoples,

past some time since my last post. The reason for this is quiet simple. Nothing special happend!
Past the last weeks with sitting on the album and eating a lot ; )
The last week it started snowing heavily.

Sunday we woke up because something was dripping all the time and the bed was wet...it wasnt me : )
The water came of the roof. Our lessor told us that this was from the snow....wow!
Today some workmen came to fix it. Let´s see if this problem is solved, as we slept the last 2 days on the couch and my back is hurting...gettin´ old ; )

It was not a waterfall but it kept constantly drippin´. I dont know if you know the old cartoon of Donald trying to sleep and the tap wont stop drippin´?! Felt the same.

So long

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