Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I bought me a new CD and happy?!

Whats op peoples,

yesterday when i was on a way to a concert from a friend, i was in a mood to buy a CD.
So on the way to Stuttgart i stopped and checked the next CD Store.
I must confess, the last time i bought a CD was about 3 years ago. So why should a producer and musiclover not buy CD´s for over 3 years. Well the answer is pretty simple....there was no new music i heard from which was worth buying/supporting it. I´m still loving all kind of music produced until 2006/2007. Take for example Hiphop or R&B. This is really ridiculous. If i think 10 years back, nobody would have listened to Rhianna, Gaga, Soulja Boy etc. This music is more techno than blackmusic, but the teens love it. And because they are still buying at least some CD´s, the Record Labels dont wanna see the real thing anymore. I´m a little afraid of what comes next. Eminem feat. Lady Gaga on a technowaltz?!?!?
So back to my purchase. As i was searching for nice new music, i realized that the Hiphop section was super tiny. Some years ago it was much bigger. Conclusion: People buy less Cd´s or Hiphop aint Hiphop no more. So if you are searching for the big artists you should directly go to POP and i´m not talking about the MJ POP.
I found a new Warren G CD from 2009, and i was a little suprised, because i did not know that he released a CD in 2009. So bought it and i´m so happy. It was like back in the days, when you had to go to a Record Store to listen and buy records. And when you found something good, it was like finding a treasure.
Finally somebody who is still making that kind of music how he became succesfull with.
If you like the old Warren G stuff, go buy this album and support good music! It takes a lot of guts these days to stay true to yourself and stick to your own plan and not the plan of an A&R Manager.

So long from a happy musicfan...

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