Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tortilla Española

What op peoples,

as my parents went back to Spain some years ago and i´m missing mama´s cuisine, i called my ma and asked her for her Tortilla recipe. So i made my first Tortilla and i must say that i almost reached the ma-level of cooking a nice spanish Tortilla....almost...

As i want to give you guys the possibility of doing it by yourselves, here a short guide.
This is for two peoples...

Patatoes, garlic and onion in a pan until the patatoes are done

prepare 2-3 eggs and a sip of milk

add some parsley

now comes the tricky part. put a big dish on the pan and turn it.

keep going

tadaaaah! make sure to take your time, otherwise it will get dry. aprox. 30 mins of cooking time.

so long

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