Monday, August 30, 2010

At least i saw a Rainbow

What op peoples,

i dont know how your summer is where ever you are. But in Germany it´s just cold and rainy.
I mean 10 degrees in August, come on. I´m just looking out of the window and thinking that this might be the worst summer i can remember. We had 2! weeks of heat. Everybody in Germany was complaining that this is too hot. Now it´s raining and everybody wants the heat back. Germans just can´t be satisfied, never.
Well, Saturday in a rainbreak, i saw a rainbow! past some years the last time i saw least something...

So long

Mom was here! : )

Rabbit with potatoes in a delicious sauce, luv it!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

It´s Official!!!

The Album is finished!!!
We did it, made a 37 Tracks strong Double Album in over 2 years, after having all kinds of problems and struggle.
For all my people who are not living in Germany and interested in our music. You can get it soon also as MP3 Album worldwide. It will be online end of september. I will give you the links once it´s available at the stores.

So long

Cool Birthday at Lake Garda

What op my peoples,

2 weeks ago i had my 31th Birthday. As i´m not a big Birthday-Party-Fan i made my girl a little suprise and booked a nice room with balcony at the Lake Garda (Italy).
I´m not in the mood of writing a lot, so here are some pictures i took there.

We had great weather and on the way back in Austria it started raining again. Why is the weather in Germany so damn ******!!!

So long

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heavy Rotation!!!

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So long